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Gotta love PBS !

PBS rules !

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Nordic Ski season is coming , are you ready.

Do you Nordic ski?   If yes, here are some interesting questions to ask yourself: -
  • What are my plans for Nordic skiing this year?
  • Do I want to have the same type of experience I had last year?
  • Am I satisfied with the way I typically experience this sport? -...Or can I do even better?
  • What have the last couple of years been like? -Is it an ever changing experience or is it like groundhogs day ?
  • Will I have similar issues, similar arguments, similar, or can I create something new?
  • Do I have goals? -Do I even care about goals?
  • Are my motivations changing over time? 
  • What holds me back from my goals? 
  • How can I make that happen this year!   
 Well - here is your chance to change everything you thought you knew about Skate skiing. There a a couple of options to get better, learn some new technique, help you get past the learning "block".

Check out these camps :
  1. Glenn Bond camps 
  2. XC Super camps at Silver star 
  3. Callaghan Winter Sports Club 

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